Panelling result: Imported surfaces vs. Rhino build nurbs

Imported surfaces vs. Rhino build nurbs

Hi there.
I am experimenting with panelling methods in grasshopper and I noticed this issue with imported surfaces from other softwares (in my case Autodesk Alias).
If I import surfaces from Alias into Rhino and plug the surface into my grasshopper definition the distribution of the elements is uneven and is highly depending on the distribution of the CV’s and spans of the surface. (even with reparameterization in Grasshopper)
On the other hand, If I duplicate the edges of the imported surface, rebuild them and build the same surface again with the new curves made in Rhino the panelling works just fine.
Does anyone have an idea why that is? Could there be a way to avoid the rebuilding?
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When you rebuild curves/surfaces, you redistribute the knots evenly, which results in a more even parametrization of the object, looks like your paneling is based on that. Reparameterizing a curve/surface only changes its overall domain, not the knot distribution.

One way to be inddependent of curve/surface parametrization would be to base your paneling divisions on a target arc length along the curve rather then even divisions of the curve /surface parameter domain.


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What Mitch said and try the Paneling Tools add-on for GH which has other distribution options based on distance rather than surface domain.

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Hi Tabak,
GH surface divide components uses the surface parameterization or the CV structure. When you rebuilt the surface, you managed to create a more uniform surface. “Reparameterize” in Rhino does not change the spacing, it simply reset the domain to be (0 to 1).
Now that is said, if you use a more specialized functions to divide the surface, then you can achieve a more even direibution. I used PanelingTools for Rhino ( the attached.

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Hi Rajaa.

Thanks for the very quick answer/help/suggestions.
Now it works like a charm. Even more possibilities to play with in the plug-in.

Thanks again.