Panelling On Uneven Surface

Hi, I have a uneven height surface(Brep) comes of Subd Object, now I am having trouble panelling these brep into pieces to pieces. What I did now is to create planar curve above the brep then project the curve back on the brep to maintain its data structure, but I stack at how to reform the brep into single pieces double-curve surface(Just like the third Image).
I kinda want to have two options if it’s possible, the first one is that each surface is a planar surface.
The second option is some surfaces are planar, while other are double-curve surface if their curvature is larger.
Panelling On Uneven (375.5 KB) 3 4

If it’s OK not 100% accuracy with your SubD patches, you could use Patch.

Panelling On Uneven (381.9 KB)


This is exactly what I want. You made my day! Kim. Thank you so much!