Panelled Surface Outline

Untitled.rar (5.0 MB)
Is there a way to create the surface that was paneled as shown in the attached file? I tried blending the curves, but the final curve is not smooth.

the entire surface or only the outline of the panels? maybe BlendCrv followed by Sweep2 would help if you simply want to close the gaps between the panels, that would also be part of getting to the entire surface outline if thats what you want. then using sections on the the existing parts and using BlendCrv again to close those to again use Sweep2 for the entire surface.

seems odd that you dont have it already to me it looks like it actually was modeled along an existing surface.

This is a model received from a client and the surface model has not been sent. I want to get the outlines so I can create the surface. I also need to offset the surface boundary to continue with the modelling.