Panelizing a vase without the seam

Hi there, I am trying to panelize a vase by using some lunchbox components, and is it possible to make the panels continuous rather than having the “seam” on the vase break up the pattern, and messing up the design?

This is just a test I am working on, so if you help me understand the logic of how to make it continuous, that should be enough, but I attached the .gh as well. (13.2 KB)

Since you mesh it in the end just use MeshPlus DiamondTiling instead of Lunchbox, it’s seamless most of the times. (24.9 KB)

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Thank you both for the answers, I will research both methods and see how it can be applied to future projects, really appreciate it!

M+ also has tons of components that can create a variety of effects on their own.

Vase_re(Mesh ).gh (23.6 KB)


Since I don’t use meshes a whole a lot, I didn’t know about mesh+, but installing it now :slight_smile: