Paneling tools - shifting origin on seam/surface


We are teaching Paneling Tools to sophomores and we are having them study precedents.

One precedent is the Al Bah(a)r tower complex –

One thing we (I) can’t figure out is how to change the origin of the hexagonal panels to coincide with the built building – by default it appears off one unit.

I’ve attached the photo and student’s working file.

Thank you so much!


Hi, I worked on the file you sent. Here are some steps and some notes that should help:

1- Clean and untrim the surface (you can retrim the top later to trim panels). Always good to build good quality and simple surfaces.

2- Use projection to generate the curves (if you had 1 surface, you can extract isocurves instead dpending on their direction and your design intention). Then simply and close the the curves if needed (if the base surface was simple and clean, then projection curves will not need simplifying or closing).

3- Used ptUCurves to generate the grid.

4- Used ptGridSeam to shift the grid to desired location (BTW, you can instead your surface or curves seam if your geometry is clean and simple before creating the grid)

You can then apply panels using ptPanelGrid, etc.