Paneling Tools: Pt Coordinate Bug

Hi, @rajaa

I want to ask you about a possible bug in grasshopper Pt Coordinate component. The Y vector output seems to have fewer items when compared to the X & Z. Why is this so? Or am I doing something wrong? Note that I just flattened the outputs to show the discrepancies.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Best Regards

Paneling Tools Pt Coordinate (188.1 KB)

This is very strange. Were you able to see it in smaller set of points so we can track better?

The y_vector output always seems to have fewer total items.

With the AddEnds (E) input set to True, all outputs have the same number of branches but all of the y_vector (Y) branches have 1 less item.

With the AddEnds (E) input set to False, the y_vector (Y) output has one less branch than all the other outputs (all branches have the same number of items). (10.4 KB)


I see it. I’ll run through the debugger to see what the issue is. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you so much , Rajaa. I really hope that this problem will be solved soon.