Paneling Tools Plug-in: irregularly spaced columns and morph 2d component

I am just studying the Paneling Tools Pluggin and I am trying to make a grid where the column spacing is irregular.
Then I use a “morph 2D” component to morve a curve that I made in Rhino to my grid. While this does work, I always get one extra geometry between the grid points of the last column and the grid points of the very first one, resulting in one really big extra shape behind the ones that I acctually wanted to create.

Does anyone know, how I might be able to get rid of the big one in the background?

Thank you for yur help
2021_12_30_IrregularGrid_Differently spaced (7.6 KB)

All the points in the Point component are duplicated:

If you remove the duplicate points, it works as expected:


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Thank you. No idea why the points appeared double!