Paneling Tools: Morph to specific cells in a grid

I’m working with paneling tools and have run into a problem that I have not been able to solve.

I want to extract cells from a grid and map geo with the surface morphing functionality of ptMorph2d or ptMorph3d working only with the cells data tree derived from the grid. I also need the remaining grid structure that contains rest of the non-selected cells to remain intact. Selection should be arbitrary (every other row or column or alternating cells, etc)

I’ve tried every list sorting and filtering technique I can think of without success.

I’ve tried extracting the ‘cell’ data from the Cellulate component and arranging the points of each cell into its own grid, but still am not getting the results I need. I have also used all the tools available in paneling tools such as extracting rows and and columns, and selecting a sub-grid, but these all lack flexibility.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have a solution? Is there a way to convert cells into self contained sub-grids?

It will help to post an example with detailed notes (or sketch) about what you are trying to achieve