Paneling tools for rhinoceros educational lab license

Hi. I use Rhinoceros Educational Lab License and I downloaded paneling tools.
However, when I open PanelingTools_2016_10_05_00 / Win64 / PanelingTools, it keeps saying that ‘unable to load Plug-in’.
Is it impossible to load Paneling Tools in the version of Rhino Educational Lab License?


Do you have the latest service release (SR 14) installed? --Mitch

No I didn’t.
My Rhino is
Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40617.14345, 2014-06-17)
Educational Lab License.

Only SR 14 can load Paneling tools?

Well, Thanks! I see my Rhino installed the paneling tools now.
But I actually can’t see any toolbar on the top of the screen like others do but the flying toolbar.
And the grasshopper in Rhino also doesn’t show any paneling tools like others do.