Paneling Tools Breaks Polysurface Into 2 Parts

I am trying to panel a curved extrusion on 2 curved rails (Sweep2). The resulting polysurface has a dark isocurve in it that effectively breaks the polysurface into two parts which cannot be selected as one when using the paneling tools.

Is this a function of the complex curvatures? It is forced to insert this control iso curve?

I rebuilt my line Sweep2 Rails and made sure they were joined properly.

Isocurve can be seen towards the right of the model, cutting through it the short way.

If you rebuild these to be single curves (and not polycurves as they are now), your resulting object will be a single surface and not a polysurface.

Thats great, thanks. I’m in class and can’t wait to get out of here and try again. What about the trimmed end there? When I paneled that separate part, the grid extended beyond the trimmed end and wrapped around the absent part also.

I’ll try again and post images of that issue…

This worked great. Thanks.

I would like to attractor point panelize this form, is it too complex to work? It was mentioned in a tutorial that flat surfaces are better for this. So far, all my attractor point attempts have ended up in a basic panel arrangement.

To clarify, I’m saying, can I panel3dcustomvariable this form or only panel3dcustom?