Paneling tools add-on for Mac Wip

Slowly learning GrassHopper .
I’m trying to follow [an Oldish] tutorial of making a ring with PT and GH .

some other add-ons work on the 5c146w Mac WIP
but it seems the PT add-on is bundled within the windows version plugin…
is there a way to access just the GH add-on? considering that the Rhino Panelling tools are [for now] included within the WIP

as it is difficult to find jewellery related tutorials for GrassHopper. I was looking forward to follow this one.

with thanks

Hello Akash,
The download here: is an rhi file. Have you tried to change the extension to .zip, extract the contents, and add the .gha to your grasshopper libraries folder?

I haven’t tried this, so I cannot tell you definitively if the gha will load in GH on Rhino for Mac WIP. Maybe @rajaa can comment further.

@Akash You are right in that PanelingTools is included in the Mac Rhino WIP, but PanelingTools for Grasshopper is not supported in the Mac, only in the Windows side, at least for now.

thank you @fraguada fraguada
cool thing changing the extension to .zip !
i put the .gha file in the library, but unfortunately GH won’t load this one at all [here at least]

And thank you @rajaa
i was hoping it may sort of work part time… like some other add-ons do at the moment

with best regards

Have you tried here ? generative jewelry and fashion design 3d

I have a few grasshopper definitions I use, but for what I do it is not always the best way.

I would love to learn more grasshopper and know that it is on the Mac, that may come.

Good Luck!