Paneling tools 3D

Hello all,

I have a quetion regarding paneling tools in rhino. As I have seen in the tutorials and manuals, panelling tools is used to create the grids on a shel surface. This means that grids can be generated and controlled in 2 directions (U and V). They could just be extruded in W direction.

My question is that whether the grids could also be generated in W direction. I mean to create a grid in all U, V, and W direction, and then extruding them?

Many thanks for your help.

Hi @Mary_HJ
PanelingTools is mainly to help generate modular patterns. What are you trying to creatE?


I would like to create 3 dimensional lattices for biomedical application. I have previously used Intralattice in grasshopper to produce them. But the problem is that the output is .stl file not geometry. With Paneling tools I would have much more control on the design of latices. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If there is an example or image you can share, then I can point you to the write direction or be able to put together a sample to show how it may be done.

Thanks for sending the file. I responded to your private message.