Paneling tool: Surface extrusion only in z- axis

Paneling tool.3dm (15.6 MB)

Hello all,
I am using paneling tool in rhino, when I extrude the mesh surface, it only extrudes in the z axis, instead of the direction the mesh is flowing.

therefore the panels extrude even in the inner side of the pavilion, eventally making the surface flat as the structure goes towards the ground.
Can this problem be resolved??

Please help
Thank you for your time in advance.

Hello - use OffsetSrf > Solid=Yes for this. Extruding non-coplanar inputs defaults to the Cplane Z as you have discovered…


Hi Pascal, thank you for the swift reply. So when I extrude the surface, the edges get extruded as shown in the picture above.
But when I use offsetSrf the whole box gets extruded and not just the edges, I only need the sides to be extruded. I am unable to explode it and remove the top surface.

Hello - yes - you’ll either need to extrude one by one or do the offset and ExtractSrf & delete the outer faces if you do not want them.


One of the ways you can do this, with panelling tools, is something like this:
1 - Create the grid on the surface->Panel2D from Grid (make sure to add edges)
2- ungroup the edges
3 - join edges in U Direction->Group
4- join edges in V Direction-> Group
5 - fin edges with U curves
6 - fin edges with V curves.
EDIT: I just tried this again, and you don’t need to do steps 2 - 6! You can just add the edges, then run the ptfin command! (you do need the base surface to reference, this is where it gets the surface normal direction from)

or you could recreate the PTFin command in GH, (using paneling tools for GH).

NOTE: This example uses Rhino 6 with Paneling tools plugin for Rhino and GH, (although I think the current pt installer gives you both so I don’t think you need to do a separate install) (12.5 KB)

Thanks a lot Chris.
It works wonderfully!!