Paneling grid from point grid - Not working

Hi guys, so started to do this tutorial:

It turns out that when I create a 10x10 grid with ‘PointGrid’ and then try to use ‘ptPanelGrid’, it doesn’t let me create a panel grid.

No error message, but also no result. I expect to get a menu as shown in the video, but instead when I select my pointgrid and hit enter (or right mouse button to confirm) the command disappears without telling me what I’m doing wrong.

Can it be that these functions don’t work yet in OSX Rhino?

Works fine here.

RMB to accept Done, then …

Hi Rudi, I am doing the exact same thing, however I never get to see the option window asking me for input beyond the first dialogue window.

Reinstalling Rhino now to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for your screenshots!

Updated, but now Rhino is malfunctioning even more. I also don’t get a dialogue window, but for me the dialogue is in the left bar.
When selecting my point grid, and then deselecting it, the grid stays white. There is something wrong with the window refresh and it only updates the view when I do something in the other views.

I’ve discovered the problem.

I was using “PointGrid” this does not work. Also the selection problems are only for points generated by “PointGrid”.

“PTGridArray” however does seem to do the job.