Panel without Data Path

Hello everyone,

I am trying to reduce numbers using Random Reduce. I got the problem that when I created an panel to join with the “List to reduce”, the numbers data are not the same data path and I did not get the numbers that I want just only inserting item index in the number slider which joined to the seed of the Random Reduce.

Could I create a panel just only item index without data path?

I shared screenshots for all of you. Like in screenshots, could the input data from (0,84) became with the item index 5 below other numbers? If you all have any better ideas, please kindly explain me how could I solve that problem.

Have a good day, everyone!!

Screenshot 2024-04-12 114117

Hi -
There is nothing in your post that is specific to Revit, so I have moved this thread to the “Grasshopper” category.

Flatten will do that:

Tip: Please only use panels to inspect output from components, not to transfer data between components.

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