Panel Numbering according to Rows

hi jospeh i to posted the script and i was working on it and improvising it … (25.4 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Oster ,

I had posted beside the PDF also the GH code in my first post and also afterwards.
Sorry if I made some wrong post, was not my intention.

Im just trying to learn as much as possible and hopefully getting better and clearer in my questions and postings.

Sorry again, trying my bets to do better next time.



My previous reply was to @rajeev_pulari, not you, because he hadn’t posted his GH file.

FYI, early this morning I started to play with this but got bored when I realized it was a clean up operation, requiring the unorganized mesh faces to be sorted. That’s the part that is difficult. Placing the numbers at the center of the faces, aligned with surface normals, is trivial by comparison. (26.5 KB)

As I said, I stopped before completing the job so didn’t post this before but maybe it’s useful?

The problem here is that the mesh starts going down again at the “top” edge, leaving the high point around panel 16 in each “column”. So sorting by ‘Z’ doesn’t quite work at the top.


Hi @Joseph_Oster , @rajeev_pulari ,

sorry if my code i started with is not very “clean”.
As i mentioned, i am new to GH coding and im trying my best to learn and get as solution to my challenge i have for this project.

I think Rajeev has provided with his solution in the code ( “Panel_Numbering rev02” as attached ), the right way.
In this, all the panels where numbered from top down from 0 - 16, and this for each row.

My question here was if these numbers can be arranged flat on the surfaces, so that they are always at the panels.

With the last definition Rajeev send, the numbers were flat on surface again, but not anymore organized.

So i really having a hard time to get this around my head.

Im thankful for Rajeev’s help.

I just hope i could figure out how to get these numbers in order AND flat on the surfaces.

If you guys have any final input on this, i would be very happy and thankful.

Thanks again to both of you and hope i still can count on your support here.

Best regards,

Kai (28.5 KB)

Another method (43.8 KB)



This wasn’t easy! I started with your and changed as little as possible. (35.2 KB)

I carried the surfaces along with their normal planes (‘Frames’) in the blue group but didn’t use them.

Looks great @kev.r, much better than mine, but:


I got around that by using an expression on the Sort List ‘K’ output: round(x,2)


Forget to check for plug-in use before I uploaded.

Updated the file to include your change - better with fewer components (and no plug-ins). (45.2 KB)



@kev.r @Joseph_Oster @rajeev_pulari ,

dear all,

Thank you so very much for your great support and the provide solutions.
Now the panels have row and count text on them, which is great.

Only thing Which i will need to try to figure out, is how to flip the text, so i can see and read the text from the backside .

Thank you very much again for your effort, help and support.

Wish you all a great Sunday.



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You could use Flip Plane. (8.8 KB)


@HS_Kim ,

Hi Kim,

i have tried to put in the Flip Plane and i get the attached result.
I m not sure how i could further "flip the text so it will be horizontal, but this would do for me, although it would be more ideal if the text would be horizontally. But that would do the task for me.

I have another tricky thing, how can i bake the panels combined with this text into Rhino Space?
As there is no output on the text, i have no idea how i can bake these two together in Rhin, so they are as a unit in Rhino and can be taken from there for further procedure.
The panes alone i can easily bake and store in a layer in Rhino, but the text is not taking for baking.

Any Hint on this baking?

Thanks for your thoughts and effort help me.
All f you are a great help here.

Please see attached PDF and also my code as I have it in the moment.

Thanks a lot and a great Sunday.


Panel_creation + (45.3 KB)

@Joseph_Oster @rajeev_pulari @kev.r @HS_Kim

i just went trough the definition and checked the results, and i just noticed that the build-up of the panels is now somehow from the net-line downwards and not upwards.
In this case now, at the panel surface, my gap is closing and is not 18mm anymore.
Did I made some mistake so that the extrusion of the 30mm is now downwards, also the "return bend with the holes is now at the bottom side of the panels and not on top of the build-up.

What did i do wring here?


The last code I posted ( contains PFlip (Flip Plane) and PRot (Rotate Plane) components. If you bypass PFlip by connecting its input directly to Align (Align Plane), the text will face backward.

If you skip PRot, the text will not be rotated 90 degrees. It’s all in the details!

If you flipped the plane, what do you expect? It’s critical to understand what each component is doing so you can answer some of these questions yourself.

Is there a way to reverse the same for the joining of all the parts, so i have my panel build in the way it should be, means from the net line upwards?

I guess where my mistake is, is when i have the panel itself build, it is ok, but when i add the text with the flip plane, it is messing up the original panel build.
Am i right here with what i made or understand wrong?


Yes. But if you can’t figure out some of this stuff yourself, give up and stop using Grasshopper.

i will do my best to find the mistake i did.

You guys have helped me already a lot and i thank you for this.

I will update when i figure it out.

Thank you all very much.



Hi Josef,

i found the issue in the Code, it was in the first part of the panel creation, where i had some “negative” components placed.
Now the panels are properly build up.

Is there a way to bake the panels with the text into rhino?
I cant find any way to do so together. For panels alone is no issues, but together i cant get a solution.



Try harder.

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I found, if i set the size of the text to 1 or even 0.5, then the bakes result shows proper text at the panels.

Not sure if this is the right way to do so, but in my try it works and show good size to the rhino space.


u can check out for some plugins for baking and control annotation styles …


thanks, I will try to look for some plugins.