Panel from surface

Hi ,
I wish I could make panels from brep on the surface. Is there a plugin for that?
Otherwise I try with grasshopper but I have a bug with the loft. Do you have a solution?
Thank !
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C 45.3dm (412.0 KB)
C (10.6 KB)

Not sure what you mean by panel surface. You have to show us what result you are after.

Regarding the bug, not sure what you are after either, looks like you want to offset the faces of the box to add thickness to it?

Then there are much better ways than using Anemone and stuff like you are doing.
There is even a simple C# script that offsets breps. Here both ways of going about it.

C (25.3 KB)

Thank you Shynn! But the goal is to have 45° cuts to joi

n the panels.

Isn’t it just an offset from each face? Not sure about the 45° part though, it depends on the dimensions of the prism.

C (12.1 KB)

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You almost got it, though I need the outer edges straight.
I found that possibility.
Thank Shynn! (8.1 KB)