Panel filled with the layername for every segment in panel


i want to have in my panel in ever segment of the panel the layername inside and for example the “100 Mul” should´t standing in one box 0 but in 0 : 100 ; 1 : Mul ; 2 : m²
I hope someone understand me.
Bodenhöhe neu.3dm (38.6 KB)
Bodenhö (14.2 KB)

Wie bitte?
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I cannot download the plugins you used, automatically from GH. Please explain better what you want, maybe these plugins aren’t even necessary. Show picture, sketch or whatever.

Bodenhöhe_RE (3).gh (24.5 KB)

This is probably not the cleanest solution but should work for now. Check how i did it, you may Need to Change the “Letter-Input”.


That is exactly what i need. The only problem is, that the m² are not assigned to the correct name. Could you help me there too please? :slightly_smiling_face: