Pancake Export STL with custom file name


I am trying to make my script export each geometry as a different STL, using the dimensions given when creating them in series. My hope is that each geo can be exported with the relevant dimension in its file name, I have made a very basic anemone file to just create a loop to select each geometry and generate the file name but the export STL doesnt seem to want to export anything - is this me being silly? I have tried the step export but I really need the dimensions in the file name - which may not always be within a regular series of numbers. i.e 10,20,30,40,50,75,100,150mm etc.

Managed to work out a better way! Grafted the series input and the geo output!

Pancake’s components may have issues with loops as I haven’t tested the compatibility.

It’s recommend to use a list of meshes and file names if you want to do multiple export. Such approaches are more native to Grasshopper as well.

If you may, plz upload the original Grasshopper file so that I can look into what goes wrong.

Oh wow nothing better than the developer themselves! Sorry keyu I have overwritten that version of the script as I managed to create a better working method. Your plugin is awesome and has saved me so much time - thank you!