Painful delay snapping to point clouds, and other nuisances

As much of a Rhino evangelist as I’ve been over the years, I’m just not loving R6. There’s much to like about it, but the tasks I do every day are becoming more laborious than they need to be. Take for example, snapping to a point of a large pointcloud hangs the system for several seconds per click instead of just skimming over the points until I click on one. It’s maddening.

Annotation dots disappear at certain view angles and distances, ocular occlusion still picks things in the background I shouldn’t be able to. Selecting just seems to be more tedious than it needs to be. Often the feature I click on isn’t even on the list of choices until I try to click on it again.

Move face along normal consistently moves it on the wrong direction regardless of which way it’s picked or directed. These are just a few off the top of my head. Sorry to vent without providing examples but I can’t spend my workday filing reports on forums.

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This at least is a recently introduced bug which hopefully should be fixed soon. You might try sub-object selecting the planar faces and using the Gumball arrow handles for displacement (set Gumball “to object”) instead of MoveFace.

Thank you, and yes, there’s workarounds if you don’t mind doing it 100 times. I just feel that it’s not the tool of choice anymore for point cloud modeling and larger projects. As good as the developers are, R6 is proving more frustrating than it’s worth in an architectural engineering capacity.

OK, now it’s simple fillets on 2D closed curves that fillet the wrong lines no matter the radius or pick order. Again, something that was never a problem in R6 suddenly is an issue requiring a work-around.

I’ll continue to lurk here on occasion but I think I’m done with Rhino for the lion’s share of our work. It’ll still fill a niche for fleshing out organic surfacing when needed, but overall it’s letting me down more often than not.

Can you please attach a file that demonstrates this problem? I’m not able to reproduce the problem as you’ve described it.

Hi Brian - does the disappearing dots involve clipping planes -

like that?

Or are they just gone completely at some angles?