Page Setup Missing

I talked to a MacRhino user today on support.
He did not see the File -> Page Setup in the latest build 3-17-14.

So, I updated to the 3-17-14 build of MacRhino.
I can confirm that I also do not see this File -> Page Setup under the File menu.

I had the 3-5-14 DMG in my download folder, so I re-installed it.
Now I have File -> Page Setup.
You may wan too skip this update if you need this command.
I am sure Marlin with advise us.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

MacRhino 3-5-14

MacRhino 3-17-14

I’ve never really printed from MacRhino, but what was in Page Setup that isn’t in the Print dialog?


Hi Mitch,
There are a few differences.
Page setup can be modified and no print is sent. It also has a scale option and orientation.
Print has a lot of options. The two that I can not find or don’t work for me are: orientation (I can’t select it), and scale percentage (I only get “scale to fit”.)

It would be helpful if Marlin weighed in on this.
I can see Print taking on all the functionality of Page Setup, but it would need to have a Close to save the options with out printing. Maybe this is just me.

Any one else miss the Page Setup command?
Thanks, Mitch.
Mary Fugeir

Page Setup from 3-5-14

Print from 3-17-14

Lots of Great Options!

In modern Mac applications, Page Setup is gone and is included as part of the Print dialog. See Mail or Preview for examples.

The new print dialog in Mac Rhino will do the same. I am working on the replacement Print dialog and so removed the Page Setup menu option. I neglected to include the Page Setup options in the current Rhino print dialog. That will be fixed in the next WIP release.

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