I did not find tutorials about PackTextures
I do not understand completely what this command does.

So if I understand well, PackTextures means to conserve texture space direction (projection mapping).
So if I use _Mesh, the pack textures enable will preserve the planner, spherical, unwrap or else projection mapping, correct?
And UnpackTextures is not the same as delete mapping (_RemoveMappingChannel)?
Can you explain and expand in more detail what this command does?

Hello - Packing textures means that a texture using default mapping (UV) will distribute pieces of the texture onto various faces of a brep and not put the entire texture on each face. This is the default behavior.
Textures packed and unpacked:




This is the difference between packed (left) and unpacked (right) textures in UV Editor. I’ll come up with a better example and update the command topics.


Ok thanks! So for game developers is better to use packed so that you do not have overlapping baked shadows or AO.

And UnpackTextures is not the same as delete mapping (_RemoveMappingChannel)?