PackSubDFaces doesn't work (Rhino 7 BETA, 7.0.20287.16003)

PackSubDFaces doesn’t work (Rhino 7 BETA, 7.0.20287.16003)
If it is possible to select a sub object for the packe, it seems appropriate

And that the "MergeAllCoplanarFaces "command reduces the output subd size and we do not see the expected result
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what are you expecting to happen? It appears all is working as designed.

you ran pack, and it looks like it returned 6 faces…what would you expect it to do differently?

coplanar faces only works on… coplanar faces… these faces are not planar to begin with so there would be no result.

what am I missing here?

ok all right! but why “Pack SubD” dosen’t work?
Basically, what should this command do?

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It doesn’t work.

Thanks all, I filed this as to be investigated.

I think you may be thinking that SubD face packing changes the topology of the SubD, it does not. It is instead a way of previewing and customizing how ToNURBS will create a Brep and where the surface seams will be. If you add creases to a SubD, this will alter the face packing as pack areas cannot travel across seams. If you add a crease and then remove a crease and want to reset the packing, PackSubDFaces can be used.

If you instead wanted to merge faces of a SubD, use MergeFaces or MergeCoplanarFace or MergeAllCoplanarFaces. I hope that helps explain it. In the future (past v7), we will likely offer more than one algorithm to control face packing too.