Overwrite Default Alias File?

I’d like to automate the loading of a custom alias file upon installing Rhino. Is there a default *.txt alias file I can locate and overwrite?

If not, or if this isn’t recommended, my plan B is to include a button in a custom RUI that would execute a simple load alias script like so:

# Load custom aliases
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

"""Loads custom aliases into Rhino which correspond to custom RUI.
If RUI button already has default Rhino alias it will be omitted.
An alias can only reference a macro therefore scripts must be externally
stored at a user modifiable directory 
and referenced via the LoadScript (*.rvb) or RunPythonScript (*.py) command.
# basic macro sample for alias addition
rs.AddAlias("A", "'_CPlane _World _Front")
# external script macro sample for alias addition
rs.AddAlias("B", "! _-RunPythonScript test.py") 

Any feedback on this is much appreciated.


Plan “B” is the way to go, as there is no default text file full of command aliases you can edit.

If you are scripting with RhinoScript, its possible to load/run scripts when Rhino starts, alleviating the need for having to poke a button.


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Awesome thanks Dale!