Override default settings for all users on Computer


We’re trying to change one of the default settings for all employees.

Sysinternal’s procmon.exe shows Rhino6.exe tries to read on launch

The settings subfolder and the xml file did not exist by default.

Is this a stable place to inject preferences in XML format that override the defaults?

To disable creation of 3dmbak files for all (new) users that logon to the computer, the following seems to work:

Making a the settings sub folder,
and creating a “settings-Scheme__Default.xml” containing

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<settings id="2.0">
    <child key="Options">
      <child key="FileSettings">
        <entry key="Create3DMBackupFiles">False</entry>

Can McNeel confirm, in the case of duplicated settings, the merge behavior between the computer wide settings xml under ProgramData and user settings at

is that the user’s preferences will override?


Hello - if you change settings in Rhino to non-defaults, the entry will be created in the right spot. Only non-defaults are written out.