Override Close save Dialog

On my Skin/Plugin I need to control the extensions that are going to be saved, or override the rhino save dialog box.

On my plugin I create a custom save dialog and solve my problem, but the only problem is when the document is modified and the rhino is closed by the “cross”, is always pointing to the rhino save dialog .

Any away?


You may be able to use the RhinoApp.Closing event to do something before the Rhino Save dialog is shown. If you combine it with setting RhinoDoc.Modified = false you may even be able to suppress seeing the Rhino Save dialog at all. I haven’t tested this, but it could work :wink:


Or maybe just setting RhinoDoc.Modified = false is enough, if you already have your own save dialog in place.

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Thank you @menno

I can use “RhinoDoc.Modified = false”, but I need provide before “RhinoApp.Closing”, RhinoApp.Closing
only trigger after close , and I have to change Modified before close rhino .