Override Annotation Dot shape

Hi there.
In Annotation Dot command, can I override shape and color?
For example, put an Annotation Dot with some text and a red star shape?
If it isn’t possible to override, how can I write a new command to obtain the same result?

Maybe I have to build from scratch an overlapping object like here?

Hi @Noos,

The shape of a standard annotation text dot, which is rounded rectangle, cannot be changed. And, it’s color is controlled just like any other Rhino object.

It is possible for you to dynamically draw your own “shape dot” using a display conduit. You could also inherit your own object type from CustomPointObject if you wanted to go that route. I don’t believe we have a RhinoCommon sample that demonstrates this. But we do have a C++ sample.

– Dale

Hi Dale,

I, too, would like to know how to create a different Annotation Dot Style to conform with layout norms in Europe. Rather than rectangles with rounded corners, more commonly we would use a style such as the one shown in the attached, which removes ambiguity with respect to which feature is targeted for annotation. Screenshot 2020-12-10 at 10.47.16

Hi @JC1,

Seems like a block would work for this, or am I confused?

– Dale


It is probably I that doesn’t understand well enough what can be done with blocks. If I create a block using the elements shown and insert it as an instance composed of “individual objects” for subsequent annotations, first it doesn’t automatically orientate relative to the C-plane and second I have to edit the number and re-centre it each time the number of digits increases. If there are dozens of annotations, this makes the job very laborious.

Hi @JC1,

If you expect this symbol to show up on a drawing sheet, then a block is probably the way to go.

Also, a text dot draws in screen space. Zooming or rotating views do not affect the size and orientation of dots. Text dots always display in front of other objects.

– Dale

OK, Dale.

Thanks for your help.