Overload using object Guid

I’m trying to do an overload of the replace objects function, but I’m not too clean on the overload syntax or where to find how to write the Guid there.

So far based on the article in the rhinocommon python guide, which has the below example:

out_breps = brep.Split.Overloads[IEnumerable[Rhino.Geometry.Brep], System.Double](cutters, tol)

I got to this:

doc.Objects.Replace.Overloads[IEnumerable[Guid], Rhino.Geometry.Brep](obj, meshGeoBrep)

Could anyone give me some pointers?

Guid probably needs to be System.Guid (with an import System at the top of your file), from the .NET standard library.

I’m getting this error now:

Message: No match found for the method signature Replace[IEnumerable`1, Brep]. Expected [Guid, Surface], [ObjRef, Surface], [ObjRef, Brep, Boolean], [ObjRef, Brep], [Guid, Curve], [ObjRef, Polyline], [Guid, Arc], [ObjRef, Curve], [Guid, Polyline], [Guid, Brep], [Guid, SubD], [Guid, Mesh], [Guid, PointCloud], [ObjRef, PointCloud], [ObjRef, SubD], [ObjRef, Extrusion], [Guid, Brep, Boolean], [ObjRef, Mesh], [Guid, Extrusion], [ObjRef, Arc], [Guid, Point], [ObjRef, Point], [Guid, TextEntity], [ObjRef, TextEntity], [Guid, Point3d], [Guid, GeometryBase, Boolean], [ObjRef, RhinoObject], [ObjRef, Point3d], [ObjRef, GeometryBase, Boolean], [ObjRef, Leader], [Guid, Line], [ObjRef, Line], [Guid, Circle], [ObjRef, Circle], [Guid, Hatch], [ObjRef, TextDot], [Guid, Leader], [ObjRef, Hatch], [Guid, TextDot]

Is there something wrong with the way I wrote it?

doc.Objects.Replace.Overloads[IEnumerable[System.Guid], Brep](obj, meshGeoBrep)

Ah never mind. It seems that I just didn’t need the IEnumerable. Got it to work simply like this:

doc.Objects.Replace.Overloads[System.Guid, Brep](obj, meshGeoBrep)