Overlapping Geometry and Geometry Exceeding Sheet size

This is my first project working in grasshopper/rhino so please excuse what might be a simple question and thanks in advance for any feedback. I have a two-part question dealing with 1) an undesired outcome in opennest and 2) a grasshopper definition to solve a fabrication issue.

First, the outcome for my nested curves is overlapping. I have tried reworking my definition from the loft to geometry input in opennest as well as adjusting values for spacing/tolerance/iterations with no success.

Second, I was wondering how I would write a definition in grasshopper to add a dovetail joint to any nested geometry when it exceeds a sheet dimension, to add to this all the joints would need to be perpendicular to the hull length. Currently, the sheet size enlarged for testing the nesting is working successfully. However, the final sheet sizes will be 8’x4’ or 10’x4’.

Bonus points if anyone could help on the surface radius assessment, however, this is not critical for the project as I can test material samples and adjust my input data accordingly.

Prelim v1.4.3dm (43.3 KB)
20211107_v1.4.gh (44.3 KB)