Overlap and align using bounding box


I am trying to overlap and align 2 objects using the bounding box and rhinoscriptsyntax.
The objects have to “look” to the same direction and overlap one to the other.

Any idea on how to do it?

Thank you

Hi @hansalbi - I’ve moved your question to the Scripting category.

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Hello - If I understand what you’re after (previous conversations), you want to roughly align two arbitrary shapes that are aligned in no particular way - you want to shift one of them to align to the World bounding box of the other, correct?.. The question is, what box does the moved object have - if it is its own then I guess you need to find an object aligned box - that will be the first hurdle.


Hello Pascal,

one object is already positioned.
We need the move and rotate the other object to some points (i.e min on x axis) of the first one.