Overkill type function?

Is there a command in Rhino similar to Overkill in AutoCAD? Overkill in AutoCAD searches out duplicate lines (lines on top of one another) and deletes them and does other simple clean up tasks like joining lines that are end to end.

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Unfortunately not. For a long time Rhino was way ahead of AutoCAD with functions like SelDup (which AutoCAD didn’t have for a long time) but AutoDesk have developed a few of these tools over the years, whereas Rhino still has only… SelDup.


and a very finicky seldup at that. I’ve never dug into the exact reason why seldup doesn’t work more reliably. It doesn’t seem to respond to any changes in tolerance settings and frequently misses selecting many entities that virtually identical in every way.

Usually, to repair geometries that have duplicates that seldup can’t identify, I use the CurveBoolean command with delete options turned on.
Other useful commands could be simplfyCrv (after joining some curves toghether), SelOpenCrv and SelShortCrv.

PS obviously all the above commands are workarounds… a command that identify curves that lies over others would be very useful.

Here is an old script that I sometimes use to find overlapping curves - note that it does not fix them, only find and mark them. FWIW…


DetectOverlaps.rvb (1.1 KB)


Hi Mitch,
ha, you use intersect command to examine the curves… smart! :wink:
Thanks for the script! Simple and useful!

Correct- SelDup is not tied to tolerance in any way- what it looks for is exact duplicates in the data base not geometric equivalents.



Hey guys, just select all curves and make2d them. Now you do not have overlaps. Simple as that.

See you!


Very handy trick! It works, thanks

Neat trick indeed…


Hi, I just downloaded this script but it doesn’t appear to be working.
What do I have to do to find? or to get it working?

Is there a working script For Mac version?

I would need a command that finds surfaces with area less than X - similar to the short curves. It helps to clean the models. At the moment I am using grasshopper to track them, but it is slow (area component) and requires manual deleting.

Here is a script that lets you select surfaces by area criteria - less than, greater than, between, etc… --Mitch

SelSrfsByArea.py (2.6 KB)


You’re the hero of this forum.

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I’m a couple of years late to the party but I just wanted to say thank you so much for this!! I’ve been looking for a script that does exactly this for so long.

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Make2D with the option “maintain source layers”, so that colors wont turn black, seems the most efficient.

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The Overkill command would still be cool , but the make2D thing works well. I just don’t like the layering options in the new make2D. You used to be able to specify which layer the output went to, now no matter what the visible and curves sublayers are generated, which is annoying.

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Due to the excess of geometry element,
-I prefer the “Rescue3dmFile” command when I have a problem opening the drawing file.

  • I reduce the number of components of the elements with the “Block” command.

In this way, I gain a lot of speed in preparing complex assembly instructions.