Overboard weekend project - Superstomper; An ungraceful approach to Rhino as a Server and Gh Cloud Components

I had some fun over the weekend - it was supposed to be a one day project, but it can easily spiral out of control, so i’m doing it’s postmortem now so i stop fiddling with it.

So, a bit of history: almost two years ago, i had a crack at making some “cloud components” for grasshopper. They were basically nodejs express endpoints that were defining a method, and were invoked async-ish by gh.

Then compute came out - and i was like dude i have to do this with compute! Well, i also managed to make my own rhino-bound rhinocommon server rhino compute competitor. That and some “reflective” GH components that invoke those methods either on a remote server, a local one, or in memory.

Anyway, there’s a longer README in the project’s repo: https://github.com/didimitrie/SuperStomper

Be warned, the code is mess. It’s literally just a couple of days’ work, really unpolished, but rather rich in takeaways, and i would push some of this stuff in the GH2 category, but I guess that will have to wait until compute is public.


Nice! Are you going to be at Shape To Fabrication? Dan and I are going to present compute at the “Rhino New Developments Day” which makes it a little more public than this private group on discourse.

Sure! @fraguada plugged me in!