Overall Vray dirt for occlusion

I see vray dirt can be added to a material. Was wondering if it can added to the whole rendering like this video shows?

Yes it is very doable, you just need to create a render layer “Extra Texture” and assign V-Ray Dirt, this will give you a channel in the framebuffer to use.

Thanks. I was really after the Dirt Streaks that the video showed. Seems like Max has more dirt settings than Rhino.


TexDirt Streaks are available since Update 2.1 (5.20.02)
You can’t add a texture to the whole rendering (unless using a channel), because it makes no sence. Override material can do that, but it will override all of your materials with a given material.
It depends on what you’re really after.

Just looking for some streaks in the shadows or just all over the object to grunge it up. The video I posted shows it as ambient occlusion which is cool. I am unable to get any streaking even though I have adjusted the streak settings. Has anyone gotten good streaking?

You need to assign a bias vector, along which the streaks are generated

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Works here with the Extra-Texture as well, just a hint it won’t update with the interactive renderer so you need to stop and restart the renderer to get the results.

Tay do you mind posting your settings for the extra texture. I am getting barely a few streaks and mostly blobs.

See attached files. things can vary based on your rendering dimensions and you model units.

AO - STREAKS.3dm (389.6 KB)

Thanks!! I see that I don’t quite understand bias. I thought a bias of one for the z would point the dirt straight down. But a bias of 6 makes it even more pronounced.

yes it acts more like directional amplifications, but they call it bias.