Outputing animation curves from GH to Modo or 3ds Max


We teach Kinetic Architecture using Rhino/GH/Soldiworks and Modo, here are
some examples of our student work :

We have to rotate some shading device (see youtube videos) it’s all setup in
GH and was wondering if your plugin will export the rotation to 3ds Max. Or
can it just bake the rotating to a null/center in space, locator that i can
then constraint my panel to ? We can easily grab the 3dsMax data with the FBX

The Centipede plugins looks great but it export “morph shape” deformation, so one obj perframe, here we only need the rotations of a plane that’s it to be converted into an animation curves… Anyone ? Thanks Thomas, more info below…

Event Mode

In Grasshopper driven by an attractor point moving along a random curve. The
closer modules are to the point, the larger angle they are at. In reality, the
computer will generate pattern and tell each module what angle to rotate. Each
module will has its own signal receiver and motor.

Montion Sensor

Only modules in a certern radius of people’s location (attractor point in GH)
are able to rotate. What can rotate will change following people’s movement.
In reality, an infrared ray detector will determine people’s location and send
to the computer. The computer will process it and tell modules to start or
stop rotating or stay still.

A closer look of how they rotate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGdB3cCUYvQ
And also the GH scripts and how they look in rhino are attached.