Output of custom component with generic parameter is updated with value of ouput of next connected component


Version :
I’m creating my first set of components using Visual Studio Pro 2013 and Grasshopper Assembly for v5 with Rhinoceros 5.0.

However I have encounter an unexpected behavior that may be linked to a misunderstanding from my side ?

Context :
So far, I have 3 components :

  • CreateGraphComponent : it takes a set of curves and put them in a Graph Structure (the nodes have endpoint values, the edges have curve data)

  • CleanGraphComponent : it cleans the graph based on tolerance inputs (it removes some curves, or join some of them, to have a better graph structure)

  • GetCurvesComponent : it outputs all the curves from the structure.

Issue :

  • The output from CreateGraphComponent is changed and equal to the output of the CleanGraphComponent. I’m expected it to not change whether it is connected to another component or not.

Question :
Is it something expected when using Generic Parameter ?
Is it a bug or am I forgetting something ? How can I prevent that ?

This is my first post so I hope I did this post correctly.
I have not included the Grasshopper files as it is custom components in debug mode.

Thanks for your help