Output design

I have created a simple design in Rhino. I’m sending to a Roland MDX-40 desktop C&C. I have the USB cable. Is another program needed to actually send the file to the Roland?

Hi Alan - presumably you’ll need to export to some sort of CAM application (RhinoCAM, MadCam, or whatever, if anything, is provided by Roland) to talk to the CNC.


Thank you very much. I have downloaded the Roland driver I believe that that will work. Since I’m using a simple 2D design, there may be other solutions. I designed the part in coreldraw and imported it into rhino thinking rhino talked to the Roland. It could be I could go to the Rowland directly from corel.

Here is what you need.ORIGINAL_ModelaPlayer 4.part1.rar (15 MB)
ORIGINAL_ModelaPlayer 4.part2.rar (9.4 MB)

  1. Install Roland Modela Player
  2. Export you model from RHino in STL format
  3. Open STL in Modela and then start to set up CNC.
  4. Done!