Output 2d to PDF for printing to correct scale

please see attached files…

the 84 is CM

I am trying to output a PDF for printers to scale - can anyone offer some help please…

many thanks

will-04.pdf (154.3 KB)
will-05.3dm (7.1 MB)

Hi Richard -

I might be misunderstanding the issue…
Something like this?
will-05-84x788.pdf (756.2 KB)

thank you Wim
how can I tell if the pdf is correct scale, what can I check?
sorry I sound mad but what did you do to create to the correct scale>?

i see if I open in PS is 84cm height which is perfect - thanks - can I ask the workflow please?

also when I open it - it is cropped on the right hand side… any ideas?

Hi Richard -

I measured the length to get 788 and then, when exporting, used a custom size (84x788) in “Destination” and set the scale to 1:1. Then picked “Extents” under “View”.

That sounds like a PS question?