Outil Enveloppe (Shell feature)

Hi everyone,
I have the Rhinoceros 5 for Mac.
Unfortunetaly I didn’t find the tool shell feature (enveloppe in French).
I need to dig in a solid to have a constant thickness to create a shell.

Thanks for your help.

Rhino V5 does not have such a command.
There is the beginnings of a Shell command in V6.

Use OffsetSrf turned inwards to create a shell. Make sure your solid is a closed polysurface first.

@John_Brock - The Shell command does exist in Windows V5, that’s for sure. Not sure if it was implemented in V5 for Mac, but I don’t see it on this list here, so I assume it is…

It’s not terribly sophisticated in V5, but it works on boxy stuff. The V6 version is somewhat better, but will still often fail with complex structures.