Out of Memory Issue

Hi I have a fairly complicated geometry to analyze but it was working fine with older Karamba components. After I updated them to the newer OptimizeCrossSection, etc., this memory issue started to occur. I am also using a cloud computer with 128G of RAM and it still was able to exceed it. I will try to backtrack to the older components but I just want to inform you about this potential issue.

Hi, can you please share your script so that we can take a look at it. Thank you

220809_withoutCore_Sampling.gh (187.8 KB)
220815_withoutCore_OldComp.gh (197.4 KB)
Here are the two files. The one with Oldcomp is the working one.

I posted the codes above

Hi i tested the new code, and it runs with my version of karamba v2.2.0.15

However I noticed the components to do the mesh colouring might cause an issue. In the latest version the meshes are all joined together as default and when you apply 4000 colours to one mesh, it might duplicate the mesh 4000 times. Try to disable this and see if the script runs fine. If you want to unjoin the meshes you can do so in the ini file.

Hi Matthew, thank you so much for your help! After I disabled the part for coloring the mesh, it is working fine. Thank you for your timely response!