Our company is moving to a new location -> Zoo Not found error on some files

Our company is in the process of moving to a new location, I’ve already moved into the new building. I get this message when opening DXF files


I didnt even now we had a zoo server? This is probably linked to the network at the other location? What should I do?

Rhino licensing is not tied to data files.
Windows file association is.
Can you open your Rhino using the desktop shortcut and then open these DXF files?
If so, then the Windows file association is not set correctly.

If you have the same problem opening the files from inside Rhino, then that Rhino V5 installation is configured to request a license from a LAN Zoo floating license manager.
Rhino requested a license from the configured Zoo and the Zoo was not found.

Please contact your office IT person. They probably setup the Zoo.
Here’s a link to the Zoo support page:
It has all the details an IT person would need.
Have them contact their regional McNeel tesh support office if they have questions.

Setting up a Zoo floating license manager is not something a typical Rhino user would be involved in.

Hi John,

You were completely right. DXF file association was still set to Rhino 5. All other filetypes are already set to Rhino 6, which I guess isnt installed to require Zoo.



Can I enter an external IP adress in this prompt? Or does the zoo server have to be in the LAN network?

The FQDN for the server hosting the Zoo, or the IP address needs to be on your network. If you use the IP, then DNS does not need to resolve the FQDN to an IP. Only use an IP if the server address is not set by DHCP.

Basically, if the Zoo Diagnostic Tool tests pass from the workstation to the new Zoo, it will work: