OT: webdesign feedback on www.holodesign.no

I have just released my new webpage

and I would really appreciate any critic. What I need are your first thoughts and emotions. I am not after praise, (but feel free) so things that in your mind would be better “if…” would be great.

Use this Google translate link if you want to read the text in english.
It messes up the menu at the top, so ignore “that ugly desing” :wink:

Please answer here, or if you like, or on a personal message.


It looks great. Clean and well organized.
I would remove the “Skrift +=-”, you’re the designer and should know what size works best.

Thanks for the feedback and I see your point form an aesthetic point of view!

I have worked with a lot of people who needs larger text, and it is required in Norwegian websites from 1 july due to a serious Design for All philosophy. Care for the weak we do!

I’ll see if I can make some elegant icons instead.

Again, thanks for the feedback!