OT - sorta - teaching AC/DC


Just a small word of thanks and encouragement here, since the SWM was implemented not long ago and I started teaching my class of more than half Macs last week…

I am lucky to be teaching in a rather well equipped auditorium (160 students on their laptops) and the projector has two inputs that are switchable on a touch panel. So I set up the PC and the Mac and do half the exercises on each, even switching back and forth to show the differences at the touch of a button… It works out pretty well! With the new interface, the screen looks similar enough so that both sides can follow…

Certainly you have to have a projection system that can easily switch between two inputs - and of course both a Mac and a PC at your disposal - but it is working better than I thought it would…

Cheers, --Mitch


I’m sure you’re class would be a fine audit, Mitch!



Thanks! I’m never so sure… With a class of 160 people, it’s sometimes difficult to know if they’re getting it or not…

I do torture their neurons quite a bit - and my own in the process - there’s so much to learn in so little time, and I want them to understand some of the underlying principles of why stuff works the way it does in Rhino rather than just have a “cookbook” approach. So sometimes that actually makes the simple stuff complicated…

The other problem is that with that large a group, you have a huge range of abilities and experience levels, so some projects that I think are pretty easy are still hard for some students while being ridiculously boring for others. So it’s hard to lead everyone through the whole process without losing some. Well, there’s always Facebook for the bored… :smile:



I would like to express thanks and encouragement to the Rhino Mac team as well. I am a Mac user but am forced to use Rhino in Bootcamp because RhinoGold is Windows only.

That said once I figured out how easy it was to transfer my Aliases from Windows to the Mac and the WIP got to the level it is in the most recent build there is more and more that I can do in Rhino on the Mac.

Even just the ability to present files to customers without having to reboot into Windows is something that I am very grateful for. Thank you to the Rhino Mac team for your efforts.