OT: Realtime Fluid Dynamics with refractions and foam in RT

This is impressive! Being able to see how water flows in realtime like this would be a nice feature for V8 :wink:

PS! It could be cool with a “Coffe Break” category for unrelated stuff like this.


it is called #meta (:

Oh… I stopped reading at “Want to talk about the relative merits of Discourse, Newsgroups, NING, Face…” :smiley: Thanks! Topic changed.

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Poor manikin I thought for sure he was going to find his way into the boat.
Unreal is incredible I really enjoy using their products, quixel, unreal 5 and twinmotion are all wonderful to use, glad they have a rhino link. I’ve asked for the water before but this would exceed my requests. Remember we had real time water before V6 was released I wish the Developers would bring that back I don’t know why they took that out of rhino?
Thanks for posting.

That was never in Rhino.

There was a test command for reflective water with animated waves back in 2011 or something. And if memory serves me right it was discarded since Rhino render couldn’t reproduce it. Unfortunately. HDRI had a groundfloor shadowcathing thingo too. Great stuff. Oh, and a brilliant carpaintshader… with flakes. +more. Really hope it’s time for more realtime stuff soon (like better reflections on transparent materials :wink:)


Jim you may not have used it or don’t remember it was in rhino and was removed.

No you could render it. I don’t know why they removed it. I asked again and wim said he still has the plugin for it. It wasn’t as good as unreals but it was nice to have.

Would be awesome! Do you know of any current Rhino developments in this area?:thinking:

Yeah, it would be great, but unfortunately I don’t. How he manages to manipulate that amount of data into a mesh so quickly would be interesting to know!

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Modeling fluid flow so that it “looks reasonable” can be very different than modeling fluid flow with results which are useful for engineering. Both have their uses but shouldn’t be confused.

i like the 2 minute papers in these regards. This New Method Can Simulate a Vast Ocean! 🌊 - YouTube

still that refraction does look a worrying, i see myself ending up in a box for living being plugged to a machine not able to know where i actually am.