OT: OMG, So face! :) (And happy easter at the same time)

Just got an ad in my mail for this good looking drone and I just love the lost-in-translation parts, I guess as I can relate to them all to well. When I was an exchange student 20-some years ago I proudly pronounced to a large crowd that ‘since I came from a farm I was very used to play with my self’! :smiley: (And for those who think I was just honest: I meant to say ‘play by my self’)

I love the part in small text where it says it is ‘2021 highly recommended to give you unexpected surprises’ ! No false advertising there I guess… :laughing:

This is a:

  • High frequency flagship!
  • With Runaway function! (I guess No runaway would be a better option)
  • It can point on maps!
  • And Fly around!
  • And both internally and externally it is SO FACE! (urban slang for pretentious and fake)
  • But being designed in 2021, doesn’t that mean it must have been rushed into production? :smiley:

But all jokes and laughter aside, one thing is for sure, design and presentation is nice.

Have a good easter!


You too Holo~^^