OT.....Looking for a free remote view program

I would like for others to be able to see my laptop screen remotely for meeting when they can not be in attendance. Looking for an easy solution on their end. Anybody have any suggestions…?

Thank You

Free trial here:
It has worked well for me in the past.

Skype does screen sharing during a call and it’s free. I’ve shared my screen on a conference chat between 3 countries before. Call someone on skype and on one of the top menus is an option to share screen. Michael VS

Skype is my preferred solution too.

Hi Brian,


I have had succes with Teamviewer http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx
You can setup a session at your end and invite others by sending a link to join.
What is great about it, is there is no need for the others to install software.
You can invite others to a meeting by sending a link.
That link will force an install sequence, but they also offer alternative access on that linked page.

Sending that link will open a in-browser remote session no need to install anything.


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@Willem do you happen to know if it requires java installed?

No idea, you will need to test for yourself,
there is a portable version of teamviewer if you want to keep your system clean: