OT - Chrome setting?

I am trying to get used to using Chrome instead of Firefox because it has a few specific autofill features that Firefox does not for a couple of specialized web pages that I use frequently.

However Chrome is very stupid when it comes to tabs and also multi-monitor setups. First, if you have it set to open new links in tabs, in order to have it always send the focus to the newly-opened tab you need to install a special extension. OK, not too hard, you just have to search for the solution and install it, but why???

I have a whole bunch of preset shortcuts in my Start menu that open specific web pages (like Discourse, etc.). Now, get this:

If Chrome is open and the browser window is entirely on my primary monitor, clicking on any of my preset links does indeed open the link in a new tab in the existing browser window and the focus goes to that tab (as I have it set to do).

If however, the Chrome window is on the secondary monitor, Chrome opens all links in a NEW WINDOW on that monitor. Every link clicked opens yet another window. Even better, if the Chrome window is partially on the primary monitor and partially on the second monitor, if more than half of the window is on the secondary, the problem also occurs…

Firefox didn’t do that… makes me crazy. I have done various searches to see if this is a known problem with a solution, but haven’t found anything.

The obvious question of course is: why move away from Firefox?

Answered with some details via PM.

I don’t know, this might also be a Win 11 phenomenon, I am noticing that multi-monitor support is much worse than ever before - when waking up from sleep, program windows no longer remember which monitor they were on before. It was very stable with Win 8.1.

Ah, can’t say anything about Windows 11. My desktop machine is too old for that (: