OT....32 bit .dvb to 64 bit .dvb Need advice/help....?

This is way off topic for the Rhino forum but I thought maybe one of the many talented programmers here might be interested in taking on a project that I might have. It’s old .dvb autocad 2010 excel program that I need to update to work with acad 2018. There are around 8 different modules that would need to be updated.

I have contacted the programmer that original wrote these for my company but have not heard back from him and I expect he may be hard to get intouch with, at least he has been in the past.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or share a contact of someone that might be willing to take on a project like this…? We are willing to pay but would need an estimate on cost.

Thank You
Brian Wheeler
Crystal Marble Co.

PS…Feel free to move or delete this if it breaks protocol.