OSX Python editor - Atom replacement

As you might have seen, the Atom editor has been discontinued and can no longer be downloaded or used. I had been using it on my OSX Rhino for python coding as I find it much faster to code with than the current (Rhino 7 Python editor). Is there any other editor I could be using? I am aware of the VS code (code listener) plugin for Windows. Is there something similar for mac on any editor?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Tomás -
You could try the new ScriptEditor in the Rhino 8 WIP.

VSCode is available for Mac:

Hey, we juste developed script-sync to run CPython (and IronPython or C#) code from vscode to Rhinov8 (it is tested on both Windows and MacOS) and Grasshopper (tested only Windows). Bit late but in case someone needs a spritual successor to code listener in V8…