OSNAPS greyed out?

Ok, Im not sure if its me or this recently changed… Whenever I start an action like creating a polyline for example, all of the Osnap commands grey out. Is this something that recently changed on one of the latest versions of the patch because i don’t seem to have ever had this problem before, but today as i work on my model i constantly find myself trying to change the type of SNAP while in the process of creating a line or surface, and it won’t allow me to, so i am forced to quit the command, change the snap and then start all the way over from the beginning again, and this creates a huge problem for me since many times i adjust the type of snap WHILE already in the process of creating a line or surface… IF this is a new update to the MAC Beta PLEASE change it back, it makes the modeling process MUCH more frustrating when i cannot adjust snaps while in a process… If I’m just doing something wrong causing this to happen, could someone let me know?


Whenever I toggle the “Disable All” at the bottom of the Osnap options Off/On, while in an action, it allows me to manipulate the snaps again, but it have to do it every time I begin a new action (create polyline, surface etc)

HI Aarron - I do not see this behavior here so far - I’ll test some more. In the meantime, running the Osnap command inside another command to change settings is allowed and will at least ease some of the pain, I hope.


Thanks that helps a little

Was actually wondering myself, a few days ago something didn’t work in my beta, but then I realized it would be my own fault if my work would suffer from it. It’s not a paid program, you can’t let your business depend on an open beta test of a software program.

Luckily I’m a student and don’t do paid work a.t.m. but if I would have had a paid job, I surely would get bootcamp with windows and buy the Rhino windows version as long as the mac version is in Beta.

However, I’m curious to hear what the admins and mods think about this.

Does releasing a beta program cause the developers to bear a certain responsibility in keeping the software running well enough throughout the process so that professionals can already jump the bandwagon and ‘rely’ on the betas in a professional manner?

NO. It’s Beta software. In the process of developing stuff, sometimes existing things that worked fine previously get inadvertently broken; features in development may also take many iterations to achieve a smooth, bug-free workflow. If EVERYTHING had to be vigorously tested before being put out there, development would slow to a crawl.

As Beta users, you have the privilege of using the software for free and participating in its development, but that privilege comes with the responsibility to report bugs and deal with the consequences.

All that said, the McNeel team do their best to make sure that the weekly versions released do work and do not have critical bugs. If some are found and are easily fixable, there is often a new Beta with the fix available shortly after the report, even before the next scheduled beta cycle.


Yes, that’s exactly how I feel about it :smile:
Do you work for McNeel?

Not directly, I am a Rhino reseller… and user since 1997. --Mitch

Yea I’m also a student, and our university, has used Rhino 3D exclusively up to this point. They have purchased copies (PC) on the computers on campus for us to use if we HAVE to, but up to this point nothing has been catastrophic enough to be forced to swap to a PC copy, and honestly I doubt it would ever happen. The worst that has happened to me are small inconveniences. Our professors allow us to use any modeling software we want but we were taught on Rhino, and anything else would have to be self taught since the university hasn’t obtained its own copies of any other software. As an Industrial Design student, I enjoy being part of a Beta, makes you feel like you’re a small part of the design process.