Osnap works only on the other side of the surface

I’m using Rhino 6/7.
My osnap often works only on the other side of the surface. This at least in shaded mode.
For example, If I have duplicated surface edge or point on surface edge, it does not osnap it, but when I go to the other side of the surface then it works. Do I have some new R6/R7 setting wrong? I think never happened in R5… Things gets difficult if hollow part and have to “dive in” the part to osnap. Frustrating…

Thank for answering :slight_smile:

Hi Wagner -

Could you post a simple 3dm file with a saved named view that shows this behavior?

Hi Wim!

Please check attachments…
Black curve and surface has 1 intersection, which is that point.
Blue curve has projected to the surface. Try to draw curve from top edge curve to closest (middle of the surface) blue end. It does not find end curve end but if you go to look it from other side it finds the curve end…
This file is just an example… Sometimes when I try to draw straight line from edge curve to edge curve, I have to go to the other side to allow osnap…
Osnap.3dm (84.7 KB)

Hello - see if changing the setting for SnapToOccluded sort his out.


Hi Pascal and Wim!
I changed SnapToOccluded and now it works “normally”.
Good it was just setting, not bug :slight_smile:
Great customer support, Thank You!